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Achieving the goals of a company or an organization is possible only when apt strategies are created. It is the way to develop the reputation of the brand, and it is the responsibility of the marketing manager to create such winning strategies. Also, he or she is responsible for all the marketing and media campaigns. Negotiating the deals, getting them approved from the firm, discussing with the ad agencies, and the sales contract preparation are a few of the other tasks that the marketing manager does. A marketing manager has to promote the business, or a product, or a service. He or she communicates the apt messages to the prospective clients.
Launches, advertising, and email campaigns are a few of the other areas where marketing managers oversee and plan. The current day marketing managers also take care of social media marketing. Based on the size and nature of the company, the roles can increase or decrease. In the case of small businesses, the marketing manager might have to take care of all these tasks. This is why marketing managers need to understand the market, their target audience, and conduct market research.
Marketing managers should also build a relationship with people outside the company, like the vendors, media personnel, and partners. They report the activities to the senior-level managers in the organization. Here is the list of the fundamental responsibilities of the marketing manager:
  • Implementation of the strategy is the primary role of the marketing manager. He or she implements strategies to gain a competitive advantage for the organization.
  • Building plans based on campaigns, and ensuring that the plan is in line with the short term and long term goals of the organization.
  • Managing budgets, teams, and projects.
  • Cross-functional team coordination.
  • The marketing manager helps the sales team by offering support.
  • They need to track, analyze, and report the impact of the activities and collect data.
Types of Marketing Managers:
A marketing manager does a vast range of functions in an organization. Based on the nature of the business, an organization might have more than one marketing manager for the various functions. The popular types of marketing managers are listed below:
  • Product Marketing Manager: A product marketing manager’s role is to find clients and new markets for new products. He or she needs to deal with the marketing campaigns for the new product and also analyse if the strategies are in line with the goals of the organization.
  • Social Media Manager: A social media marketing manager handles the social media channels of the organization. Social media pages are vital for reaching the masses. If any brand or product needs to reach more customers, it is essential to stay online. The responsibility of the social media marketing manager is to ensure that the new or existing products or services are always ranking on the top.
  • Internet Marketing Manager: The role of the internet marketing manager is more than that of the social media marketing manager. They are responsible for the search engine rankings and holding email campaigns as well. They are not only responsible for advertisement campaigns over the internet but also develop new ways to connect and interact with their audiences over the internet. In a few firms, the internet marketing manager also takes care of social media marketing.
There are more classifications in the broad niche of marketing. Inbound and outbound marketing and B2B marketing are a few examples. Outbound marketing is where the company just initiates the message and sends it to the audience. The traditional forms of marketing such as TV advertisements and newspaper adverts are ideal examples of outbound marketing. Content marketing and blogging are good examples of inbound marketing. Any organization needs to take care of both, and based on the requirement, the marketing managers shift or adapt to the roles based on the need of the organization.
How to ensure that the profile of the marketing manager is good?
When it comes to the designation of marketing managers, there is tough competition in the market but there are many opportunities too. To gain an advantage over the others, you need to ensure your profile is good. Here are few things your profile must include:
  • Description of your educational qualification, and relevant experience
  • Brief note on the marketing strategies, campaigns, and advertising projects undertaken by you in the past
  • Description of additional skills- computer skills, communication skills, and presentation skills
  • References and endorsements from previous employers
  • Links to the previous works completed
What skills should I need to hone to become a good marketing manager?
Hone the following skills if you want to be a good marketing manager:
  • Leadership skills are a must for marketing managers. A marketing manager needs to drive the team and strive to achieve the goals. He or she should set a strategy, motivate the employees, and monitor them.
  • Technical expertise is the need of the hour for the marketing managers of the current day. A basic understanding of search engine optimization, using spreadsheets, and evaluating the social media pages is required.
  • A marketing manager often deals with multiple projects, and organizational skills are vital. He or she must coordinate events, and maintain the data of various activities, and without organizational skills, it is impossible to deal with the vast amount of work.
  • Effective communication skills are mandatory for marketing managers. They need to develop rapport with the team and the clients. They should be open to criticism. Strong written communication skill is also important since writing press releases or short content pieces for the internet can also be a part of the job.
  • Creative skills make a marketing manager perform well. This is because they need to come up with unique ideas and find out innovative ways to market the products and build a strong reputation for their brand.
  • When you want to be a successful marketing manager, you need to represent the company and motivate the team. You should be able to coordinate with everyone and work with ease.
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