Why advertise on Jobsin Network.

Simple, we are a niche job board network focusing on active high-calibre professionals speaking English and other local languages. Most of our audience is organic and visits the platform on a daily basis to check new job opportunities.

In a few words : JobsinNetwork is looking to actively support companies in their recruitment efforts with a simple and easy-to-use platform to reach a highly qualitative audience at a fair

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a large international network of job boards, spreading across 100 cities from Europe, Asia, America and Latin America. Follow the link here for a full list of our websites and locations

Our network includes more than 100 sector and city job boards across the world. In order to maximise visibility of your ad, it will be published on: JobsinNetwork.com + the relevant country boards (when applicable) + the relevant sector boards (when applicable). This will allow you to reach both a global AND local audience.

Estimate your ad reach

For several years, we've been working with global and local, multinational and small companies, recruiters and job boards. That’s why we have created multiple ways to integrate jobs into our platform.

For single posting(s) all can be done easily online by creating a recruiter account. To fill multiple positions and / or posting using an XML feed, APIs or multi-posting technology integration, please drop us a line here

While both ad types are promoted across the whole Jobsin Network, the Standard Ad stays online for a period of 1 month maximum versus a 2 months period for the Premium/Featured Ad.

The Premium and Featured Ads always stay on top of search pages and stand out visually. They also feature the company logo making it more visible and attractive to job seekers. Find out more about our different advertising options here

All jobs are promoted across the Jobsin Network. However, if you intend to publish several job ads over a year, you can save time and money with a Job Slot subscription. This yearly subscription allows you to post an unlimited number of job positions for a year, switching from one to another. A Single Job Post is valid for one job position only.

For better performances, we strongly recommend writing the whole job description in English. If not possible, we ask as a minimum for the job title and job summary to be written in English.

If you have other questions or need need any assistance please contact us

I want to purchase a 5-10-50-ads package but:

No problem. All our packages are valid for a year starting from the day you publish your first job. For example, if you publish your first job on the 2nd of January, you'll be able to use your remaining credits until the 2nd of January of the following year.

Yes, All packages are valid on the whole network. Meaning that you can post each job in a different location using the power of the Jobs In Network.

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